The work of healthcare management can be a labyrinth

Even at its most efficient level, the work of health care management can be a labyrinth of regulations, care ethics, bureaucracy and financial pressure that leaves no room for the uninitiated. Crossing public and private sector missions is even more arduous their needs and cultures in seeming opposition. Government policy can be hard to marry to private sector goals. They speak different languages. Ideas and methodologies are often in tension.

The competition for revenue and market share is stiff. Consumer, provider and payer pressure to change practices is mounting, and the demand for new proposals, new methods and new products is not going away.

Now, add the untimely departure of a key team executive.

That’s when we come in. Ann Boughtin and Dick Orndoff are a distinctly qualified executive team who provide interim health care leadership when you need it most by assessing and then coalescing these public, private and non-profit sector objectives for you. We are the team who can sort and solve mission-critical operations at the highest executive level, make strategic modifications in a matter of months and rapidly improve your operation.